Class Styles


Ballet is a classical art form that promotes the positive development of a child and builds strong confidence, grace, and creativity. We teach the Russian Vaganova method, which is a graduated and structured curriculum. Level one dancers meets once a week, levels 2-4 meet twice a week, and levels 5-8 meet three times a week. Experienced ballet dancers can advance to pointe work. Solid-colored leotards, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, and hair tightly secured in a bun are required.


Acrobatic dancing is similar to gymnastics, although it incorporates more dancing and movement into the trick sequences. “Acro” as it is refered to is a style of dance. Acrobatic class encompasses strength training, stretching, rolls, balances, and aerial work, combined with different dance styles. Footless or transitional tights are required. The class will be taken barefoot.

Jazz/Musical Theater/Lyrical

These classes feature high-energy, stylized dance forms, focusing on technique, creativity, and musicality. The class is divided into 4 parts. The first part involves warming up and conditioning our bodies to prepare for the rest of the class. During warm-up, we also focus on the proper usage of our core and other muscles. Part two is learning the technique needed to dance in these styles, which is based largely off of classic ballet technique. Part three includes learning choreography by implementing previously learned skills and focusing on the speed and act of learning. The fourth and final part of is cooling our body down from the strenuous workout. While jazz and musical theater incorporate high-energy music and Broadway-styled dance, lyrical is danced gentler and more expressively. Any colored leotard and tights, dance shorts and/or pants, and flat jazz shoes are required. Heels are required for advanced students. 


Contemporary is a rather new form of dance, given its name. It combines a number of dance styles including ballet, jazz, and modern and is unique in that it has a flexible structure and definition. In contemporary class, the dancers are encouraged to dance with their bodies and their emotions. We can focus on telling a story or just simply move to a song. This class is filled with self-expression. Ballet is a prerequisite for a contemporary class, for ballet encompasses much of contemporary technique. A leotard or dance pants and dance top are required. Sweat clothing is discouraged, though jazz shoes, pirouettes, or barefoot are permitted. Hair must be neatly secured.

Hip Hop

In a hip hop class, the dancer will learn the latest trends in the hip hop community with the clean versions of each song used. This class is all about fun. Hip hop classes focus on grooving, choreography, freestyle, musicality, and individuality. Hip hop pants (sweatpants), tops, and sneakers are required. Dancers are encouraged to feel comfortable in their attire. Black sole sneakers and sneakers that are worn outdoors are prohibited in the dance room.


Our tap program focuses on rhythms, accents, and musicality with various shading and shadowing techniques. All styles are taught in our tap curriculum from Vaudeville to Broadway to stomping. Any colored, flat tap shoes are required. Leotard, dance shorts, and tops can be worn. Jeans or sweatpants are prohibited. Hair should be pulled neatly away from the face.

It is not a requirement for dancers to be in a program. Dancers may choose to take any individual classes that are designed for their age range. *Teachers also advise what classes dancers will fit best into.*