Dancer Of The Month

Megan Popola

Age & Grade: 14 years old, 8th grade

Favorite Style of Dance: Hip Hop

Dance Goals: I would love to be able to do a middle split and tilt. In the future, I hope to dance throughout college.

Favorite Dance: Jai ho

First Recital Dance: the birds in the garden ballet.

Fun Fact: I share the same birthday with my dad.

Julianne Acquaviva

Age & Grade: 9 years old, 4th grade

Favorite Style of Dance: Lyrical Ballet because it tells a story

Dance Goals: I want to be able to do a double pirouette in ballet and a spinning maxi ford in tap.

Dance Inspiration: At first it was the show called So You Think You Can Dance because I think it is exciting to see them have courage to try new dances and impress the judges. Then I met Ms. Kelly that owns Kelly’s Dance Boutique and learned about how she danced for the American Ballet Theater. I would like to be just as good a dancer as she was and she inspired me to want to own my own dance store when I grow up too.

Fondest Memory of Dance: One of my favorite times was at Alyssa’s house for a special spaghetti dinner with all the girls on the competition team. It was so much fun to be with all the girls on the team outside of dance classes.

Fun Fact: I really love going on crazy, scary roller coasters. I even went on Green Lantern without my mom this summer!


Carole Justine “CJ” Larano

Age & Grade: 9 years old , 4th grade

Favorite Style of Dance: Ballet

Dance Goals: To be able to do a double pirouette and master a double triple time step.

Dance Inspiration: My best friend, Julianne Aquaviva, and my future self, because what I do today will mold me into the person I will be tomorrow.

Fondest Memory of Dance: When I was three, in my first year of dance, at the recital, when I was doing a forward roll, I accidentally hit Julianne in the face! Even though it is a fond memory, she’s never forgiven me yet!

Fun Fact: I read the whole Harry Potter series from book 1 to 8 in one month! #HarryPotterLover

Nicole Sibilia

Age & Grade: 13 years old , 7th grade

Favorite Style of Dance: Tap

Dance Goals: To be able to do multiple pirouettes in a row and to one day become a Radio City Rockette.

Dance Inspiration: Misty Copeland

Fondest Memory of Dance: My first dance recital routine, which was a tap number.

Fun Fact: I love to constantly redecorate my bedroom.

All classes are at The Dancer’s Workshop at 2510 Belmar Blvd. in Wall, NJ.

Contact Barbara at (732) 280-1973 or to inquire.

Registration is prior to class at the studio.